Get an Outlet!

Being a busy mother can be very overwhelming. From the time you wake up to the time the last child goes to bed, you are on edge trying to make sure they have everything they need. Even when “they” are relaxing, there is a 85% chance you are not. This is where I always suggest an outlet/hobby.

In the winter I pick up crocheting. It helps me escape my world when my girls are asleep. I also like to do a lot of DIY projects. Little things like this help me release any stress I may have bottled up during the day. Another good way to release stress is the gym.  I currently go for at least 45 minutes for 4 days out of the week (as my sitter permits) and it really helps with my work related stress. It is not good for us mothers to always be on edge. We run possibilities for lashing out on those who do not deserve the lashing.

This goes for my SAHM as well. My hat goes off to you ladies. When I had my last 2 girls and was home, I was losing my mind. I started cleaning anything I could get my hands on; and although I love my daughters tremendously, this mami needed some adult time. I went back to work exhausted but excited to finally have full conversations with people. So for my SAHM, I believe your best outlet would be to have a day out of each week or however time permits, to get out of the house to just have some “me time”. I feel you would really benefit from it.

The point is being a mother is not an easy job. It is hard! There is no manual to YOUR child[ren]. So every mother learns as she goes. So EVERY mother deserves time to herself if she can get that time or if you are one the mothers that really does not have any support; find an outlet/hobby. I pray for all the working mothers out there that have a lot on their plate and I am here if you every need to vent 🙂


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