So recently I mentioned to someone that my 7 year old has chores. To my surprise they called me strict and crazy?! I feel chores are very essential for my daughter to learn responsibility.  My daughters chores consist of cleaning her room, helping pick up after her 2 baby sisters, dusting and wiping down the sink in the bathroom. My daughter is short for her age so we have not learned dishes just yet.  The way I see it, if I do everything for my daughter now; when she becomes a pre-teen/teenager, it will be much harder to get her to do things.

We have to teach responsibility to our kids at a young age. Build good habits from the start. I grew up in a traditional Puerto Rican family. When Saturday came around, music was blasted and everyone was to get up to clean. My chores consisted of cleaning my room, dusting, vacuuming and putting groceries away. Sometimes I hated it as a teenager but then it just became routine. Now that I am a mother myself, I get it. It’s tough cleaning up after myself, let alone 3 additional little ones. So assigning chores just helps me out so much. When my 2 younger girls get older, they will have their chores as well. The more we work together, the better it will be.

One thing that helps my daughter is a chore chart. I list her chores and my chores so she does not feel left out. I’ve included the link in this post today!

Chore chart


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