Top Struggles of a Working Mom

Being a working mother leaves little to no time for anything we have to do outside of being mom and working. I find myself daily trying to strategically plan my time leaving work just so I can pick up everything I may need for the house. Many of my struggles include:

  1. Buying Diapers and Wipes: Usually I try to run to the store before picking up my 2 little ones from the sitter. Lately I have completely relied on Amazon and their convenience of subscribing for items to automatically deliver to my door step on a monthly basis. Doing this has been a complete life saver
  2. Buying Bulk Garbage Bags:  I have 2 girls under the age of 2! So my home produces a lot of garbage.  Let’s be real, we have so much on our plates, these little things are just hard to keep track of, so this is something I also have automatically delivered. The great thing about Amazon subscriptions is that you can time it to be every 2, 3, 4 months!
  3. Walk through your house and make a list! I have a Galaxy Note for this reason. I have found myself having to constantly make a list just to ensure that I do not forget anything. I then take my list and cross reference with my mobile rebate apps. The apps I use mostly are Ibotta and Checkout 51.  Think of it as cash for a rainy day.  Ibotta
  4. Last but not least, Online shopping has been my go to. Have you ever tried going to the mall with 2 under the age of 2? It’s super difficult, let me tell ya!  So I do a lot of my shopping online way ahead of time so I can make sure it gets to me on time. I also shop through ebates when applicable just to easily get some cash back while I am at it. I also have Amazon Prime; what a life saver. I get everything within 2 days and you can get Amazon deliveries on Sundays!!!!!

Amazon Prime


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