Is Co-Parenting Possible?

I know many of my readers are possibly single mothers raising their children alone thinking co-parenting is not a possibility; Put aside the pride because it is.

I have a good friend of mine who is a co-parenting success story. Although he and the mother of his son have split up and moved on, they still continue to do things together as a family with their son. They hang out together, go to functions together and even celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day together. It is a beautiful and healthy thing for that little boy to have 2 understanding parents.

Yes I know there are many instances where co-parenting is not possible because I am living it. My oldest daughter has a different father and I have tried every way possible: Notebooks, text messages, mediators and the list goes on.  It is almost 8 years later and I have given up.

Co-parenting takes 2 understanding and mature adults in order for it to be a successful relationship. So many people are so bitter about the break up for years to come or their pride just simply will not allow them to do the right thing. Many just make too many assumptions about how the other parent would feel if they wanted a successful co-parenting relationship and just give up before trying.

Any time a single mother ask for my advise before going to Family Court, I always say the same thing.

  1. Be reasonable! You did not make the child alone and it is important for the child to see both parents consistently. It is essential to their development as a person believe or not.
  2. Leave what happened in the past…..IN THE PAST!
  3. Be willing to compromise because you may not like what the judge will end up deciding.
  4. Keep in mind your child is rooting for both of you because at the end of the day, your child loves both of his/her parents.

I know their are many out there they may not agree with me and that is perfectly ok. But if you came from a broken home, try to think back to when you were in your child’s position.  Try to do what is right instead of doing things out of spite cause those spiteful things may come back to bite you.

Co-Parent Log

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