My New Journey….

I have abandoned my blog for far too long. I have been so busy with working a full time job and being a mother to 3 gorgeous little girls.

I had recently decided to take the plunge and finally apply to law school. This has been my life long dream (career-wise) to attend law school and become a lawyer. To my surprise I was accepted to a school in Florida. I was in disbelief when I seen the acceptance email. Florida has always been my final destination for the rest of my life. This where I’ve always dreamed of owning my own home and giving my daughters a quality of life I never had. Since a working mami’s job is never done, I have decided to not work while I attend law school to fully focus on my classes and give 110%. Some people have already started to give their unwanted opinions about my decision, but I have learned to ignore and move on. While I attend school full-time, I will find other ways to make extra cash.   Something you will learn about me while reading my blog is that I can never sit still.

So ladies it is never too late to educate yourself. You will never miss your prime or you will never be too old to educate yourself by any means.

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