Every Mom Deserves….

Let’s finish this sentence together now shall we?

Every mom deserves a day off….

Every mom deserves a vacation away from everything….

Every mom deserves a day at the spa….

Every mom deserves a night out….

Every mom deserves a glass of wine….

Every mom deserves a shopping spree…..

Every mom deserves anything and everything that can keep her sanity because being a mom is hard work. Ladies do not sell yourself short or feel guilty for taking a sip of that wine or stepping out to have fun with some friends. Do not let anyone shame you cause you bottle fed over breast feeding or vice versa. Do not let anyone tell you that you did not birth your child cause you had a c-section versus pushing your baby out. Us moms go through a lot. Sometimes we have to hold every emotion in so our children will not have to worry. I do not know about you, but I am guilty for going into the bathroom and crying a little. Sometimes us moms need a release, especially the single moms out there. Cheers to my all the moms out there! You deserve the world and so much more!!!!

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