For My Tired Mamas!

My day starts as follows:

5:15am-Up to get myself ready

5:45am-Load up the kiddos in the car to grab my sitter

6:30am-On my way to drop my oldest off at my grandparents who put her on the bus for me

7am-On my way to work

7:30a-3:30p-My work day.

4p-I am at home grabbing my 2 little ones and the sitter to head to my grandparents and drop sitter off on the way.

4:30p-6p-At my grandparents house till my daughter is done with the after school program that is closer to their house.

6:30p- On my way home with all three of my girls

By the time I get home I am sooooo exhausted! Not to mention I have been studying for my LSATS when they are in bed by 7:30p. Since my youngest is only 5 months old, It’s still hard to get a full nights sleep because she is still waking up at 11pm and again around 3am. My job makes everyone work a rotational Saturday once a month and since yesterday was my saturday to work, today I woke up still exhausted from my week. Then I look into the 3 little faces that depend on me every day; I take a deep breath and I keep it moving. Life is not easy, I am not afraid to admit that life is HARD! You get out of life what you put into it. I turned 30 years old last month and when I tell people about Law School I get mixed responses. Some people say I am crazy and others applaud my determination.

Law school has always been a dream of mine. Yes I have children right now but I want to continue giving a life to my children I was unable to have because my mother was limited. My ability to get through school while being a mother has given my daughters the ultimate example of a wonder woman. We ladies, can do it all. Put our minds to it and put our souls into it. My daughter goes around telling people, “my mami works so hard. I am going to be just like my mami when I grow up”. I sit and I think to myself and I pray that she is so much better than me. I always tell the people around me that I am raising strong, independent ladies. My girls will know how to defend themselves in this cruel world. I may not be able to protect them all of their lives and there may be some decisions they will make that I will not agree with but my girls will make it in life. I pray everyday they will go farther than I did cause I placed that seed in them.


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