My 7 Going On 17 Year Old

How many of my mami’s out there have their children testing them a lot lately? Am I the only one whose child decides to act like if there was a full moon every night?  Everything is questioned and for some reason, regardless of knowing the consequences, she still does her own thing. Now no child is perfect; this I know, but she has been over the top lately. My mother, jokingly, says its my pay back from when I was a child. lol. Every time my daughter goes over the top, I fight the urge to text my mother, “I’m Sorry”.   There are times I feel her behavior would be different if her father were active in her life but then again who knows?!  Every kid is different, every kid has their own personality. So I try to do the best that I can, especially with two other little ones and working a full-time job. At least I like to think I am doing my best with her. In my opinion, there is no parenting book out there that has all of the answers. A lot of parenting I feel is trial and error. Maybe tomorrow we’ll forget snack time or her book bag, it happens. I feel the most important factor in parenting is the amount of love and trust you instill in your child.


Working Mami Rant of the day…..Good night!


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