Womens March

Yesterday the most peaceful women’s march made history. Now I am not one for politics but I am very tired of so many people living in the past. How is it ok for you to criticize a march that is for all women regardless of color, race, political beliefs cause of things that happened in the past but it is ok to praise a black president? What do I mean about this? Someone stated how planned parenthood assisted with the sterilization/population control that happened many years back in Puerto Rico to justify her not supporting the march. Now Michelle Obama herself mentioned how it amazed her how she woke up in the White House every day, a home that was built by black slaves and her family overcame that and made history. So if the Obama’s, whom this person supports, can overcome the fact that the White House was built by slaves, then why can’t she as a women overcome the errors of Planned Parenthood over 50 years ago?  Am I wrong to think this way? I do not like to dwell in the past. I like to think of what will happen in the future especially being a mother to little girls.  Politics are really not my thing but I am just over all the fights, families falling apart, the drama over all the recent events. We should unite! No one is perfect and everyone has flawed. And if I go further into my religious beliefs, it is not our right to judge. Leave that for God to do, less stress for me in that matter. I don’t know moms, I am so sorry for the rant. Am I wrong to say everyone has the right to decide what to do with their own body?


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