Benefits of Voicing a Complaint

So many people let things roll off their backs when it comes to unfair practices from businesses but not this working mami.

I was traveling with my 3 kids and felt the need to make a complaint to each of the 2 airlines for legitimate reasons of course. With the first airlines I was very displeased with the lack of assistance and customer service they expressed towards me with my 3 children. I was only assisted at the gate by someone who was off the clock! I sent my feedback to the airline and I received a very prompt response! I did receive an apology but along with that I received a $50 Gift Card for a future flight! How nice is that! Just by taking 5 minutes of my time to provide feedback I was rewarded!

The 2nd airline was a little more frustrating. I was to receive a refund for one of my younger children since one was a lap child. After almost a month I look into the refund and see that a check was cut out and sent to a different location in my childs name! You can imagine how upset I was. What was worse was the customer service representatives attitudes towards me when I attempted to call in. So I began flooding them with complaints seeking my refund. Their facebook representatives were the worse! So being that I love to research, I found 2 emails for their CEO’s and sent the longest email ever. Although I did get some clarification about my refund, I was still upset. So the airline decided to give me a $100 travel voucher.

Now yes I know I complained but maybe, just maybe I’ll use these vouchers  for when I need to travel on my own.  It probably took my 15 minutes to submit my feedback/complaints and ended up with $150 in credits for airfare. I do this for anything I am unsatisfied with. Whether it be baby food, lipstick or even clothing. Sometimes I receive rebates and other times I receive coupons. When you are a working mami, every bit counts!


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