My fellow Mamis,

I want to dedicate this blog to a small scam I discovered on Instagram the other day. I do not know how I started to follow this person but she started posting how you can make $3000 in one night. No money down and with an active bank account. When I inboxed her on how and what company she works for, she just kept asking me about MY  bank account. Now I work for an insurance company that has an in-house credit union that I use. So I advised her of such and her response was hilarious. Please be aware of these scams as they are known to wipe out your bank accounts.

Some of us are single moms living check to check but please do not fall for these scams! If I can be any assistance to my struggling moms out there please email and I will assist with researching any help in your area to give you some peace of mind.

I attached the screenshots of my conversation with this person on this blog as proof of her sketchiness.



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