Budgeting is key

Many of us working moms think about how the SAHM actually make ends meet. But let me tell you; it is all about budgeting. I know of a mom who had to pay all of her bills with just her children’s Disability checks with little to no child support and you know what? She made it happen. She was very limited but what mattered was her children had the essentials.

My biggest recommendation to all my mothers whether they are working full-time or they are SAHM is to begin a budget. Get rid of all of your debt and then start saving. How many of us have run into an emergency and then kick ourselves for not having anything saved up?  I personally use the app “Mint Bills” on my phone to have all my bills in one place so I can track all of them better. I also use “HelloWallet” to build a budget and link my accounts so I can track my spending habits.  Another great tip is to post date bill payments for the same day your check hits your account. You will be amazed how easy this will make your life! NO more late bills! NO more late fees or shut off notices! Just do it! #budgetssaveslives


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