Why do I choose to leave home to work?

What better way to start my blog by explaining why I choose not to be a SAHM. Being a SAHM is personally not for me. I was raised by a single mother who was always on the go. So for me it feels only right to be the same way. I’ve always given advice to the younger generation to not follow my example. I was a single mom of a beautiful little baby girl at the prime age of 22. My life was just beginning and now I was responsible for a whole other person. It was scary and stressful all at once. I will never regret my first born but things happen for a reason. Through her I learned to put others before myself. This means no more frugal spending and letting a bill go unpaid just so I can spend on myself. I needed discipline, I needed to learn responsibility and just like my mother did, I needed to stay active and leave my the house every day. Yes being a mother gives many of you a feeling of purpose on this earth but I needed more. Nothing is better than seeing the fruits of my labor. Although I struggled with my first born child, I finished my Bachelor’s degree, I entered a better paying job (within 4 years I am making $45,000/year) and now I can offer my daughters (I’ve had 2 more little girls since) everything my mother was uncapable to offer me. I leave to work everyday knowing that because of me, my daughters will hopefully someday become independent young ladies.  For my SAHM, you ladies I commend you! You never leave your workplace and your job is never done, LITERALLY! Hopefully my blog touches you as well.

Stay tuned ladies because I’ll have a lot of good stuff that may essentially help you out.


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