Every Mom Deserves….

Let’s finish this sentence together now shall we?

Every mom deserves a day off….

Every mom deserves a vacation away from everything….

Every mom deserves a day at the spa….

Every mom deserves a night out….

Every mom deserves a glass of wine….

Every mom deserves a shopping spree…..

Every mom deserves anything and everything that can keep her sanity because being a mom is hard work. Ladies do not sell yourself short or feel guilty for taking a sip of that wine or stepping out to have fun with some friends. Do not let anyone shame you cause you bottle fed over breast feeding or vice versa. Do not let anyone tell you that you did not birth your child cause you had a c-section versus pushing your baby out. Us moms go through a lot. Sometimes we have to hold every emotion in so our children will not have to worry. I do not know about you, but I am guilty for going into the bathroom and crying a little. Sometimes us moms need a release, especially the single moms out there. Cheers to my all the moms out there! You deserve the world and so much more!!!!

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For My Tired Mamas!

My day starts as follows:

5:15am-Up to get myself ready

5:45am-Load up the kiddos in the car to grab my sitter

6:30am-On my way to drop my oldest off at my grandparents who put her on the bus for me

7am-On my way to work

7:30a-3:30p-My work day.

4p-I am at home grabbing my 2 little ones and the sitter to head to my grandparents and drop sitter off on the way.

4:30p-6p-At my grandparents house till my daughter is done with the after school program that is closer to their house.

6:30p- On my way home with all three of my girls

By the time I get home I am sooooo exhausted! Not to mention I have been studying for my LSATS when they are in bed by 7:30p. Since my youngest is only 5 months old, It’s still hard to get a full nights sleep because she is still waking up at 11pm and again around 3am. My job makes everyone work a rotational Saturday once a month and since yesterday was my saturday to work, today I woke up still exhausted from my week. Then I look into the 3 little faces that depend on me every day; I take a deep breath and I keep it moving. Life is not easy, I am not afraid to admit that life is HARD! You get out of life what you put into it. I turned 30 years old last month and when I tell people about Law School I get mixed responses. Some people say I am crazy and others applaud my determination.

Law school has always been a dream of mine. Yes I have children right now but I want to continue giving a life to my children I was unable to have because my mother was limited. My ability to get through school while being a mother has given my daughters the ultimate example of a wonder woman. We ladies, can do it all. Put our minds to it and put our souls into it. My daughter goes around telling people, “my mami works so hard. I am going to be just like my mami when I grow up”. I sit and I think to myself and I pray that she is so much better than me. I always tell the people around me that I am raising strong, independent ladies. My girls will know how to defend themselves in this cruel world. I may not be able to protect them all of their lives and there may be some decisions they will make that I will not agree with but my girls will make it in life. I pray everyday they will go farther than I did cause I placed that seed in them.

My 7 Going On 17 Year Old

How many of my mami’s out there have their children testing them a lot lately? Am I the only one whose child decides to act like if there was a full moon every night?  Everything is questioned and for some reason, regardless of knowing the consequences, she still does her own thing. Now no child is perfect; this I know, but she has been over the top lately. My mother, jokingly, says its my pay back from when I was a child. lol. Every time my daughter goes over the top, I fight the urge to text my mother, “I’m Sorry”.   There are times I feel her behavior would be different if her father were active in her life but then again who knows?!  Every kid is different, every kid has their own personality. So I try to do the best that I can, especially with two other little ones and working a full-time job. At least I like to think I am doing my best with her. In my opinion, there is no parenting book out there that has all of the answers. A lot of parenting I feel is trial and error. Maybe tomorrow we’ll forget snack time or her book bag, it happens. I feel the most important factor in parenting is the amount of love and trust you instill in your child.


Working Mami Rant of the day…..Good night!

Womens March

Yesterday the most peaceful women’s march made history. Now I am not one for politics but I am very tired of so many people living in the past. How is it ok for you to criticize a march that is for all women regardless of color, race, political beliefs cause of things that happened in the past but it is ok to praise a black president? What do I mean about this? Someone stated how planned parenthood assisted with the sterilization/population control that happened many years back in Puerto Rico to justify her not supporting the march. Now Michelle Obama herself mentioned how it amazed her how she woke up in the White House every day, a home that was built by black slaves and her family overcame that and made history. So if the Obama’s, whom this person supports, can overcome the fact that the White House was built by slaves, then why can’t she as a women overcome the errors of Planned Parenthood over 50 years ago?  Am I wrong to think this way? I do not like to dwell in the past. I like to think of what will happen in the future especially being a mother to little girls.  Politics are really not my thing but I am just over all the fights, families falling apart, the drama over all the recent events. We should unite! No one is perfect and everyone has flawed. And if I go further into my religious beliefs, it is not our right to judge. Leave that for God to do, less stress for me in that matter. I don’t know moms, I am so sorry for the rant. Am I wrong to say everyone has the right to decide what to do with their own body?

Benefits of Voicing a Complaint

So many people let things roll off their backs when it comes to unfair practices from businesses but not this working mami.

I was traveling with my 3 kids and felt the need to make a complaint to each of the 2 airlines for legitimate reasons of course. With the first airlines I was very displeased with the lack of assistance and customer service they expressed towards me with my 3 children. I was only assisted at the gate by someone who was off the clock! I sent my feedback to the airline and I received a very prompt response! I did receive an apology but along with that I received a $50 Gift Card for a future flight! How nice is that! Just by taking 5 minutes of my time to provide feedback I was rewarded!

The 2nd airline was a little more frustrating. I was to receive a refund for one of my younger children since one was a lap child. After almost a month I look into the refund and see that a check was cut out and sent to a different location in my childs name! You can imagine how upset I was. What was worse was the customer service representatives attitudes towards me when I attempted to call in. So I began flooding them with complaints seeking my refund. Their facebook representatives were the worse! So being that I love to research, I found 2 emails for their CEO’s and sent the longest email ever. Although I did get some clarification about my refund, I was still upset. So the airline decided to give me a $100 travel voucher.

Now yes I know I complained but maybe, just maybe I’ll use these vouchers  for when I need to travel on my own.  It probably took my 15 minutes to submit my feedback/complaints and ended up with $150 in credits for airfare. I do this for anything I am unsatisfied with. Whether it be baby food, lipstick or even clothing. Sometimes I receive rebates and other times I receive coupons. When you are a working mami, every bit counts!


My fellow Mamis,

I want to dedicate this blog to a small scam I discovered on Instagram the other day. I do not know how I started to follow this person but she started posting how you can make $3000 in one night. No money down and with an active bank account. When I inboxed her on how and what company she works for, she just kept asking me about MY  bank account. Now I work for an insurance company that has an in-house credit union that I use. So I advised her of such and her response was hilarious. Please be aware of these scams as they are known to wipe out your bank accounts.

Some of us are single moms living check to check but please do not fall for these scams! If I can be any assistance to my struggling moms out there please email and I will assist with researching any help in your area to give you some peace of mind.

I attached the screenshots of my conversation with this person on this blog as proof of her sketchiness.



My days usually start around 5:30am and I am not home until about 6:30pm. So between work and getting my kids to where they need to be, I barely have a second to myself and my free time I reserve for my children.

Today I went to pick up my 7-year-old from her after school program. Now typically I receive compliments and praises about my very petite and outgoing little girl; today was not one of those days. Today I was told my little girl spat on another little girl and was disrespectful to the after school volunteers. So many emotions ran through me. I kept telling the teacher sorry and as usual my little drama queen cried. She knew I was disappointed in her. Now I have seen some parents just brush off the situation but not I. As a working mom, I feel I have to show my daughter that I mean business. I always try to tell her school is a very big stepping stone in life. I am in no way shape or form offended if an adult corrects my daughters bad behavior and she knows this. Nonetheless, I told her she was to write an apology letter to the little girl she spat on and the teachers she disrespected. I always tell her respect is earned and not demanded. This type of behavior is not normal for her and although she is only 7 years old and kids will do crazier things as they get older, I hope she just gets better.

This was just my working mami rant of the day……